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UniverseMatch is not a traditional dating site.  Based on Astrological sign characteristics, our comprehensive matching system will narrow
your options to look for an ideally compatible partner and avoid spending time with someone who you are not compatible with at all. 
Internet dating is challenging, especially if you're looking for love that will last forever.  The UniverseMatch system does the search by narrowing
from thousands of options to 144 Astrological combinations of 12 Zodiac signs and 12 Chinese years horoscope.
Using an extensive data collection of Astrological compatibility, we divided 144 universe options into five categories:  
4 BEST, 28 GOOD, 61 WORKABLE, 42 CHALLENGING, and 9 DIFFICULT compatibility matches.  
Even the BEST match can have some downfalls. However, due to best compatibility you overcome them much easier.  Astrological data provides
more useful information than just a picture and short self-description. 
Start your search for the best compatible partners and build a quality relationship!