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Chinese are saying "This is the animal that hides in your heart."  Many legends are related to Chinese Horoscope.  
Why years named in this order.  
Before departed the Earth Lord Buddha called the animals and promised to give a gift to those who come to express a tribute.
He committed oneself to name a year for each animal in order they will arrive.  Only twelve animals showed up.  As a sign of honor and distinction,
he promised that each of them would receive for a year, which will continue to be called only by the name of one animal. 
To get to the Buddha animals have to cross a wide river, and Buddha suggested a competition.  Who will sail the first - receive the first year,
who are second - the second and so on.  These animals associate with lunar years that represent Chinese Horoscope. 
Being the owner of the whole year, they passed to it their typical features.  Depending on what year you are born, you are carrying the typical traits
of the animal - its strength or weakness, goodness or malice, pride or humility. 
It is a belief, that years represented by the animals influence on our characters.  Observations and research support this theory with facts that many things
in our lives occurred in a particular way due to the year we are born.  Knowing about these traits makes it possible to define the nature of fate.