Why are we unique? Most Astrological sites will give you one option: match either by Zodiac sign or Chinese Horoscope. Universe Match combined all possible options and created own system of matching categories.                          

The UniverseMatch.com presents all possible matches in Universe stand on 144 sign combinations.  The sorting system: five different groups, from the BEST to the DIFFICULT matching option, was created based on classical ASTROLOGY.  The five doors: BEST, GOOD, WORKABLE, CHALLENGING, DIFFICULT are your options for searching.  Like five signs in a fairy tale that point to five different roads, UniverseMatch.com will navigate your search.                                  

UniverseMatch.com is a guide that will help life partners meet.  Our unique system is based on ancient studies of stars and their influence on human’s personalities and personal discoveries.  We do not expect you to take this data as dogma; this is only a theory, which obviously has its own seeds of wisdom. The UniverseMach.com gives you a short description of each combination and navigates to find the BEST match and avoid DIFFICULT.

There are hundreds of books, articles, and website that describe Horoscopes Signs. Our goal is not to describe a person by zodiac.  Our goal is to connect two people based on a variety of Astrological and Zodiacal factors.